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John Oberg helps leaders and organizations create meaningful business growth through better relationships, data and expertise.


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When people connect, higher performance happens. Are you leading at this important intersection, or are you missing the mark? To understand what your next step is, you have to first determine how you’re leading today.

Take the Intersection Index Assessment to discover where your team falls on the intersection of people and performance, and analyze how you can build more meaningful professional relationships to reach your organization’s goals.


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Inspiration, tips and questions to guide you each day in building meaningful relationships that allow your business to thrive.

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Daily JO Roundtable: 4 fruits of the mastermind
January 17, 2020
One of the most challenging things we face in this time of history is not letting technology lull us into having almost exclusively virtual relationships. Creating true community is hard,...Read More
What the Business World Can Learn from the Monastery
January 17, 2020
In a recent Daily JO roundtable with businessmen, it became apparent that everybody in the group was afflicted by distractions from electronic devices. This is particularly troubling because it was...Read More
Being vs. Doing
February 11, 2019
When we confuse our being with what we do, our personal value and self-esteem become linked to our performance in our various roles. Conversely, when able to distinguish between what...Read More
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John Oberg is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor and speaker focused on building more meaningful professional relationships to achieve business results and personal fulfillment. Having watched human-to-human connection in the business space deteriorate to nothing more than transactional interactions, John set out to reverse this in a way that positively impacts performance. Good relationships and high performance are not mutually exclusive, they feed each other.


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Inspiration, tips and questions to guide you each day in building meaningful relationships that allow your business to thrive.

In today’s business world, relationships can fall by the wayside in favor of results — when the fact is, you need quality relationships to drive results. Through his energizing, eye-opening speeches, John guides business leaders to the all-important intersection of people and performance.


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Discover how John and his team can help improve your professional leadership and organizational direction to move past roadblocks and achieve your goals. Through his advisory and training services, Oberg Advisory empowers business leaders to foster connections that spark high performance, employee engagement and business growth.


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