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Know Thyself: Journal Daily

Journaling with my Daily JO has helped me to know myself on a deeper level than I ever thought possible. It’s like I’m slowly peeling off layers to discover new qualities that I didn’t know I possessed. This may seem counter-intuitive, since every day the journal requires that I spend time going over the same basic questions. In the beginning I thought this would be boring, and sometimes it is, but I can see now that each day those questions take on new meanings for me. The Daily Jo journal has made me realize that I’ll never know myself completely, and that’s part of the adventure of human life.

Maybe some people are born with a clear understanding of their whole being. My intuition says that this isn’t possible, and scientists, whether neurologists or psychologists, are always–even in the 21st century–making new discoveries about the fascinating aspects of the human person. The human person seems to be more complex than anything else in the known world. As I journal day after day I feel like a piece of wood and I’m slowly peeling off layer after layer with a finely sharpened plane. Some days it is a bit painful as the delicate curls fall to the ground, but then I look at the grain and colors that I have revealed in myself and I’m amazed. Journaling helps me achieve my goal of building something beautiful out of my life.

A journal is only a tool, but in any endeavor, having the right tools and keeping them sharp makes a huge difference. Using these tools consistently, slowly, patiently, gets you the desired results. Journaling can seem boring some days. It’s tempting to mindlessly jump right to the end. But if you truly want to know yourself and learn how to use your gifts more effectively to achieve your goals, it takes time and patience and the frustration of learning. Having somebody to talk to about your progress in journaling also makes a big difference. It might be a buddy, a therapist, or a coach. You may go to a roundtable discussion group or an accountability group; I’ve personally benefitted from all of these.

Interested in knowing yourself better? Check out my favorite tool, the Daily Jo journal, and get a subscription today.