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#058 Jeff Socha (on Being Wired for Growth and the Project of Money‪)‬‬

Feb 23, 2021

Jeff Socha is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ark Financial, a boutique financial consulting firm in Austin, Texas. Jeff has extensive experience in developing solutions for private business, entrepreneurs, and executives. Jeff has been involved in two political action committees through which he lobbied the United States Congress on finance and tax regulations. His solutions for lowering the risk of business ownership and increasing his clients’ profitability have been nationally recognized. We chat about how money affects our approach to projects as we oscillate between scarcity and abundance, the big mistakes people make with money, and the joy of delayed gratification.

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#057 Matt Dale (on Making Decisions and Making Stars of Others‪)‬

Feb 16, 2021

Chief Executive Officer at Point Health, Matt is committed to making healthcare easy to find, easy to understand, and easier to afford. We chat with Matt about his experience as a serial entrepreneur, which just so happened to overlap his role as a parent when he and his daughter created a Youtube channel with over half a billion hits. Matt shares his reasoning around shutting that channel down at the peak of its success. Parenting, work ethic, and finding balance when “things just have to get done”, this is a great conversation!

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#056 Mike Sharrow (on Avoiding Hopelessness and Building Resilience‪)‬

Feb 9, 2021

Meet Mike Sharrow, the CEO of The C12 Group, the largest network of Christian CEOs and executives working together to increase company performance and integrate faith and business. With over 115 chairs operating 330+ groups in 36 states as well as Malaysia, Brazil & Singapore, C12 represents more than 2,650 members who are impacting millions of people through their missional marketplace arenas. Mike’s journey touches deeply human levels, from disability to a life changing healing, and the impact it all made to his outlook on life and success. Also, we can’t quite get him to cry, but we sure did try!

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#055 Mark McClain (on Values Alignment and Building Great Organizations‪)

Feb 2, 2021

CEO and Founder of SailPoint Technologies, and author of “Joy and Success at Work – Building organizations that don’t suck the life out of people”. Mark has the story many want to live! We chat about what it takes to build a successful company with a great culture, how to be a market darling and still be someone that employees want to work with. Mark just brings great insights on what it takes to build great organizations.

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#054 Mohan Kharbanda (on the Corporate Climb and Artful Possibilities)

Jan 26, 2021

Senior Advisor at Pritzker Partners Capital; and Board Member at multiple companies, Mohan held key positions at Apple (reporting to then COO, Tim Cook), Dell and Cummins. He also held CEO and President positions for two PE portfolio companies. Mohan’s journey began as a refugee of one of the largest migrations of humans in the world, and then progressed from the very bottom of the corporate ladder all the way to the very top. You’ll hear about investing in companies, family, and people, with a few inside stories from Apple and Dell.

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#053 Ken Wisian (on Making Leadership Mistakes and Defining a Culture)

Jan 5, 2021

We welcome Ken Wisian Ph.D, Major General USAF (retired) back to the show for another incredible conversation. Ken is the Associate Director, Environmental Division, Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas, and if you missed our previous podcast with him, it’s well worth listening back. In this episode we chat about his life of leadership, the trials, tribulations, and mistakes people make along the way. We explore how to help define a culture, even when you are not the leader at the very top of the organization.

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#052 Jeff Tamaru (on Healthy Habits and Winning Your Day)

Dec 29, 2020

Jeff is currently the Head of Corporate Development at Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas. In this episode we chat about healthy habits to start your day, maintaining a growth mindset, and how to be creative with building team morale over virtual space. Jeff delivers some real gold when it comes to winning your day, and making connections from an empathetic point of view, instead of simply making transactions.

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#051 Tony Dale (on Personal Responsibility and Leaving a Legacy)

Dec 15, 2020

Tony is the Founder and Chairman of Sedera Health, and joins John to talk about the strength of taking charge of personal responsibility, the importance of leaving a legacy, and what that actually looks like. We touch on why healthcare needs to be approached with a fresh perspective, and pick up on some of Tony’s wisdom around gratitude, generosity, and generational consideration. Lots to learn here!

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#050 Barry Couch (on Strategy in Business and Working with Family)

Dec 8, 2020

Meet the Founder & Chair of Healthsure and former Mayor of Belton, Texas, Barry Couch, as we delve into some key lessons many wish they had learned on their first day entering the workforce. Barry brings great conversation around nurturing a lifelong commitment to giving, strategy in business, people and working with teams, and particularly how to work with family!

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#049 Corey Bell (on Keeping Priorities and 5 Points for Success)

Dec 1, 2020

Corey and John chat about everything from prioritizing life correctly, to keeping multiple balls in the air while also spinning plates, and surrounding yourself with the right people. Corey also touches on “we” vs “our” mentality in the quest to take ownership. This is a great episode, packed with useful take away tips.

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#048 Emily Schendel (on Taking Care of Yourself and Merging Motivation with Values)

Nov 24, 2020

VP of Operations at Sedera Health and former Director at IAC, Emily also has a Game of Thrones claim to fame from working at HBO. We chat about the mental process of changing career paths, how to merge values with encouraging your team, and how motives drive our choices about where and how to get involved. Emily is not only a great example of humility in success, but also leads by example in reminding us to care for others while not forgetting to take care of ourselves.

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#047 Dan Casetta (on Caring for all Levels of Your Team and Continuing to be a Learner)

Nov 17, 2020

Meet Dan Casetta, chatting with us about being a lifelong learner and capturing life-lessons for the long haul. We get into the importance of caring about other people, even while managing a large organization, and the need to make real connection with those you lead, on all levels. There are great tips for leaders in this episode, so grab your notepad!

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#046 The 7 Mountains of Influence

Nov 10, 2020

What influences each of us in society? How can we discover our particular areas of influence? In this episode we enjoy a candid conversation about being influenced, as well as influencing the 7 areas of society, namely; education, religion, family, business, government, entertainment, and media. Which of these areas find your fit, and what is a healthy balanced way to engage?

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#045 David Godwin (on Relational Debt and Taking Healthy Risk)

Nov 3, 2020

Our first return guest, Slingshot Aerospace CEO David Godwin, an experienced entrepreneur and technologist, gets “ambushed” into an expedition about how people accrue relational debt just as we do with technical and financial debt. We explore the solutions to solving such debt as well as the risks worth taking in leadership and innovation.

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#044 Jim Clishem (on Moving from Engineering Products to Engineering People)

Oct 27, 2020

Jim Clishem, Chief Executive Officer at Rutherford & Associates, went from engineering electronics to engineering organizations. We chat about the perspective of reaching through the product to the person, hiring for character, giving permission to fail, and how to make the move from engineering products to engineering people.

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#043 Dr David Altounian (on the Next Gen of Business Leaders and “We vs I Leadership”)

Oct 20, 2020

Meet David Altounian, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, MBA Director – The Bill Munday School of Business at St.Edward’s University. Naturally we had to chat about entrepreneurship with the Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, as well as the expectation of the next generation of business leaders, developing evidence based decision making, being a “learning leader”, and “we vs I leadership”. Class is now in session.

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#042 Thom Singer (on Making Connections and Never Reaching Full Potential)

Oct 13, 2020

Meet keynote and business motivational speaker, Thom Singer in a conversation about having to make a professional pivot on “the day his business died” due to COVID-19. We chat about making and growing both virtual and physical connection, exercising your social muscles, and the thought of never reaching your full potential.

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#041 Alan Graham (on the “Have and the Have Nots”)

Oct 06, 2020

Meet Alan Graham, President, CEO and Founder of Mobile Loaves and Fishes, here to challenge our perspective about the homeless as well as how we look at ourselves. We chat about the relationships that drive him and his team to do what they do, walking the fine line of publicity and politics, and some of our embarrassing assumptions about the homeless.

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#040 Avoiding the Dark Triad (Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy)

Sept 29, 2020

Join John and Clint as they tackle the Dark Triad. We all get two things we can control in our lives, namely, what we think, and how we act or react. In this episode we chat about how we can frame our thinking and actions away from Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy, and toward healthy connection.

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#039 Dr. Ken Ellis (on Feeding Performance and Creating Team Culture)

Sept 22, 2020

We’re doing our best to avoid the “butt” jokes as we chat to gastroenterologist, Dr Ken Ellis. Our conversation ranges from food and its role in performance and connection, to a medical doctor’s perspective on COVID-19. Ken is highly relational, both with his patients and with the team he leads, a team built with an engagement we can certainly learn from.

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#038 Jamie Lagarde (on Building Effective Community)

Sept 15, 2020

If you’ve ever had to face the challenges of building meaningful community, then this one’s for you! Meet Jamie Lagarde, CEO of Sedera Health, a health care sharing community focused on solving the health insurance cost problem for corporate America. Jamie is an expert at building meaningful community at both small and large scale, currently with 30 000 members. We chat about effective ways to do just that, with perspective from leadership engagement and strategies to building community, to personal responsibility of each community member.

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#037 Harold Hughes (on Finishing Your Breakfast!)

Sept 8, 2020

Join us for a really cool conversation with Founder and CEO Harold Hughes of Bandwagon, an analytics company involved in the event and fan engagement space. We chat about the present opportunity to rebuild a healthy community for all, the importance of simply having the meaningful conversations without necessarily solving the problem, and the key to personal responsibility. We hope you’ll be inspired to “finish your breakfast”.

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#036 Ashley Connell (on the Variables of Remote Connection)

Spet 1, 2020

Meet Ashley Connell from the Prowess Project! In this episode we have a fascinating conversation about the new variables of connecting remotely via Zoom calls, what that pivot has resulted in, and how it impacts our emotional intelligence as we lead. We also chat about the importance of helping each other find new opportunities as we move forward in our careers. Oh, and John drops the “F” bomb.

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#035 The Life-Skill of Finding Your Purpose

AUG 25, 2020

Join John and Clint as they open up about the realities of discovering your purpose in life. John unfolds his framework for the discovery of this life-skill, and we engage in a very real conversation filled with practicalities that you can execute in your own journey toward purpose.

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#034 Gaining Clarity in Leadership

AUG 19, 2020

In today’s live radio show John and Clint delve into the role of leadership based on four key principles that need to be included in a leadership framework. John explains why the way a leadership framework gets implemented varies from company to company, and why the core principles of the company and leader should be aligned. “The distance between 2 expectations is the opportunity for disappointment.”

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#033 Richard Bagdonas  (on Choosing Projects and Driving Decisions)

AUG 18, 2020

Meet Richard Bagdonas, a modern day renaissance man. A mechanic and pilot early on in his career, Richard went on to become a technical consultant for the U.S Air Force, working in the aerospace part of technology. He’s an author, technologist, philanthropist. We chat about how to choose what projects you work on, and who you select to work on them with, as well as the important parts of life that drive those decisions.

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#032 The Role of a Leader (Conviction, Core Values, and Personal Sustainability)

AUG 12, 2020

Listen in as John and Clint discuss the Role of a Leader and the areas that we need to balance in order to become a successful leader. Leadership is more than a title, anyone can be a great leader, but it does require us to develop the required skill sets before being elevated to the role. We chat about earned leadership, personal conviction vs core values, and facets of personal sustainability.

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#031 Cole Harmonson (on the Role of Premise, Perception, and Projection)

AUG 11, 2020

Applying the Golden Rule in Business – Listen in as Cole Harmonson, Co-Founder and CEO at Dare Capital Partners, shares his belief system and core values of treating people by example, on the premise that you get what you give. Cole drops valuable gems throughout this episode, from the time of choice between stimulus and response; the role of perception and projection, and the 3 count rule.

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#030 Practicing Best Practices for Peers

AUG 5, 2020

In today’s Live Radio Show, John & Clint get into the dynamics of trust and keeping confidence. Here’s why it’s important to maintain accountability and responsibility in relationships, and how the depth of connection varies depending on what level you are, or want to be with your peers.

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#029 Leslie Knopf Rodriguez (on the Isolation of Working from Home)

AUG 4, 2020

Executive director of Catholic Cast Media, Leslie Rodriguez joins John & Clint to discuss how Catholic Link, an initiative of Catholic CAST Media, goes about connecting people within the Catholic faith. Leslie also describes how she deals with being a new mom and the isolation of working from home, as well as how online connection can aid physical connection.

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#028 Prospecting Your Personal Brand, and Why it’s Important

JUL 29, 2020

Ever thought about putting your purpose out there for the consumption of others? In this episode we chat about the prospect of personal brand. We discuss the things that should be considered while developing your brand and how to deliver on it. From a starting point, to the evolution of brand and a deliberate delivery, we trust this episode will point you in the right direction!

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#027 Stuart Kime (on the Philosophy of Play, Make, Learn)

JUL 28, 2020

It’s always bound to be interesting when one invites a “digital nomad” to podcast with us on a digital audio platform! Meet Stuart Kime, who creates, invests, and coaches SaaS startups that power the underpowered. This is a fascinating conversation as Stuart “opens a window” into how he combines his philosophy of play, make, and learn everyday. We touch on how discipline develops habits, why creativity lies on the other side of boredom, how human attention is the next greatest commodity, and why a third of your day should suck!

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#026 The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

JUL 22, 2020

Be inspired to improve your skills of giving and receiving feedback! Listen in as John and Clint discuss the intent behind effective feedback. We’ve loaded this episode with practicalities, from timing and delivery to discourse and behavior. If the feedback you are receiving or offering is not delivering the expected outcome, this conversation may just set you on the right track.

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#025 Kristian Jaloway (on Relational Mistakes and Craft in Business)

JUL 21, 2020

This episode sees John in the proverbial hot seat as we’re joined by Kristian Jaloway, an integral part of the DailyJo and executive coaching team. That’s right, he works closely with John, and has the scoop on how things really go down behind the scenes! We chat about the relationship between craft and business, causes of isolation, relational mistakes along the way, and how to start with the end in mind. There also may be a piece of humble pie in the mix!

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#024 The Framework for Finding Your Purpose

JUL 15, 2020

Contemplating your life purpose? Listen in to our Live radio show, as John and Clint examine how to identify your purpose within the framework of what you are good at, passionate about, the lifestyle you want to live, and what you want to be remembered for. Discover your purpose at the centre of these factors.

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#023 Kathryn Whitaker (on Balancing Passion and Purpose)

JUL 14, 2020

Join us as Kathryn Whitaker; blogger, speaker and author, shares about balancing passion and purpose. From being called to the Principal’s office as an adult, to social media blunders, launching a book while being a parent of six, and taking us into the Whitehouse press pool, we know you will laugh and cry during this episode. Kathryn inspires us to make time for the things we love, and live a “hell yes!” kind of life.

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#022 Measuring Professional Success

JUL 8, 2020

Listen back to one of our live radio shows as John and Clint define the difference between key performance indicators and objectives. We discuss how these should be used in a healthy manner, with objectives being the destination and KPI’s likened to a speedometer. Caller Kristian Jaloway brings real life examples to the discussion.

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#021 David Godwin (on Product Innovation and Platform Building)

JUL 7, 2020

Slingshot Aerospace CEO David Godwin, an experienced entrepreneur and technologist, who is focused on leadership, platform building and product innovation, chats with us about treating employees differently in the workplace. David also shares how Slingshot Aerospace uses Satellite and Drone imagery to assist in times of emergency, and let’s us into his not so secret Dungeons and Dragons room.

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#020 An Open Discussion about Racial Equality

JUL 1, 2020

Join John and Clint in-studio as they share openly about the need to engage in conversations about race and equality, and what that might look like. As two “middle-aged” white guys (air quotes intended), we certainly don’t claim to have the solution, however, we do believe that open discussions are key to developing a healthy perspective of difficult issues. They are also key to better connection, and in turn, better performance. We were bold enough to record it, we hope you’re bold enough to listen!

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#019 Ken Wisian (on Leadership Lessons from a Major General)

JUN 30, 2020

Ken Wisian Ph.D, Major General (retired), shares his insights and experience from ten years of active duty in the US Air Force, as a navigator/bombardier in B52s and C-130s. Ken, now Associate Director, Environmental Division, Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas in Austin, opens a window into how combat rotation, constant relocations, and isolation impact individuals. He explains the importance of community and how the element of being connected and belonging increases productivity.

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#018 Engaging in Healthy Discourse Pt. 2

JUN 24, 2020

Join us for part 2 of our live radio show on how to have healthy discourse. John and Clint continue their discussion on the fundamental values of good communication, leading to more effective connection with people. The way we package that message can either hurt or help discourse, and the bow on that package is active listening. You’ll also learn two essential fundamentals to great conversations.

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#017 Kari Meredith (on Leadership Isolation and Human Connection)

JUN 23, 2020

A taste of coaching! Today Kari Meredith joins John in a coaching session focusing on leadership isolation and human connection. Kari is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ignite Synergy, a software development company working hand in hand with organizations to create innovative workflow solutions. Here’s a real look at what it means to be an executive in the world today.

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#016 Engaging in Healthy Discourse Pt. 1

JUN 17, 2020

Lean in to another episode from our live radio show as John and Clint discuss the importance of healthy discourse. We focus on why arguments need to be brought forward in a way we can understand them, why the first point of approach is to be open minded, and we’ll touch on how to balance emotion in a situation.

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#015 Paul O’Brien (on Inspiring a Movement and Social Media Neighborhoods)

JUN 16, 2020

Today we chat with the CEO of Mediatech Ventures, Paul O’Brien. With the thought that you can’t create a movement but you can inspire one, Paul discusses how the internet broke the media, how he guides and advises venture capital companies by developing workforce curriculums, and how he’s helping entrepreneurs understand how the news media actually works. Listen out for his take on “finding your social media neighborhood”, it’s a gem!

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#014 Discovering 5 Facets of a Balanced Life

JUN 10, 2020

The 5 F’s to a Balanced Life – John explains the framework of the 5 facets of life that drive our relationships with others, and with ourselves. Get coached on how to maximize your performance by developing relationships; strengthening personal motivation to achieve new goals in life; and grab keys to understanding where you are in each of these 5 area’s. Get ready to get deliberate!

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#013 Johnny Sutton (on Making Really Big Decisions)

JUN 9, 2020

Listen in as former US Attorney for the Western District of Texas and top federal prosecutor, Johnny Sutton lets us behind the curtain of what it’s like to make really big decisions, not just for yourself, but decisions that impact other people’s lives. Formerly appointed by President Bush, Johnny now specializes in helping companies to comply with federal and state regulations and practices in the area of white-collar criminal defense and government investigations. This is one fascinating conversation!

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#012 Staying Grounded in Times of Adversity

JUN 3, 2020

These are certainly tumultuous times. In this radio episode John talks about being grounded in adversity, and some of the tools to help us do that. Discover the power journalling and how changing the way you think changes your mindset. Grab a next level perspective right here, along with some practicalities to put into practice.

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#011 Rusty Shelton (on Personal Brand and Digital Real Estate)

JUN 2, 2020

Meet Rusty Shelton, Founder and Chairman of Zilker Media, strategist at AMG/Forbes Books, keynote speaker, and expert of online audience building. He’s also the author of the book “Authority Marketing”, which boasts the foreword by none other than Steve Forbes. You’re about to think about personal brand and digital real estate for both you and your children, yes, your children, in a whole new light! Here’s a conversation we did not see coming!

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#010 Being an Effective Mentor and an Empowered Mentee

MAY 27, 2020

Listen back to another episode from our live radio show. John highlights the difference between mentoring and coaching, and the possible ways of establishing a mentorship association while understanding the alignment of mentors across your life. Here are some really practical ways to be both an effective mentor, and an empowered mentee.

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#009 Erica Blue (on the Driving Force Behind Your “Why?”)

MAY 26, 2020

What’s the driving force behind your “why”? In this episode we have a challenging and inspiring chat with Erica Blue, the CEO of Austin Sunshine Camps, a non-profit organization seeking to reach out to communities and impart life changing values to children. Be it personal or professional, connection in community is key to our success. This perspective may just impact you more than you realize!

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#008 Diagnosing Performance and Developing Skill Sets

MAY 22, 2020

Success and fulfillment find a measured harmony in this episode. John brings answers to 4 big questions and fills 5 big buckets! We discuss frameworks for diagnosing success and explore the impact of skill sets on performance. We’ll also touch on the difference between having an actual skillset, and having the potential to develop a skill set. Buckle up, there’s much to talk about here.

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#007 David Lykken (on Magnetic Connection and Being Real)

MAY 21, 2020

You may already know him from Fox Business, or his “Lykken on Lending” podcast. David Lykken is a management consultant, well known in the Mortgage industry, and today he shares experiences that were transformative not only in his business, but also in his life around the business. Pro tip: Being real increases the magnetic pull of connection.

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#006 Tips for Building Authentic Community

MAY 20, 2020

John unpacks the need to build authentic community and the difference between building an audience and building a community that lasts. This live Q&A touches on trust, discourse, resilience, and so much more.

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#005 Jamie Fitch (on Organizational Culture in a Changed World)

MAY 19, 2020

Epidemiologist, CEO and Co-Founder of OnlineMedEd, Jamie wants to make the world a better place and is focused on doing well by doing good! We speak about what has permanently changed in the world due to Covid-19, its effect on organizational culture, and how to prepare for the changed world we now live in.

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#004 Tools for Handling Anxiety in Crisis

MAY 18, 2020

Join us for one of our live radio shows where John discussed the impact of connection on performance in times of crisis, and gives some really practical tools for managing those moments well!

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#003 Marjorie Clifton (on the Value of Women in Leadership)

MAY 12, 2020

If you have a difficult topic to consider, who better to ask than Marjorie Clifton who spends her days jetting between on-air discussions on CNN, Fox, NBC, MSNBC and a bevy of clients such as the US Government, Deloitte, Verizon, GM, the American Red Cross, and the American Association of University Women. You’ll walk away from this conversation with new thinking on sexual harassment, organizations in crisis, and gender equality in the workplace – just to name a few.

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#002 Isolation (and Why We Want to Fix It)

MAY 12, 2020

You are not alone. None of us are really, even though it would be easy to feel that way given all of the challenges facing us both professionally and personally. John and Clint discuss the unspoken epidemic of isolation and the resulting breakdown in personal and professional relationships and give solutions to how connection ultimately drives healthy performance.

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#001 Jerry Bowerman (on Lucas Films and Managing People)

MAY 12, 2020

Our first guest has traveled far to bring his wisdom to us – from Sierra Games and Electronic Arts (EA) to a board member for Lucas Films during the sale to Disney, and now as Vice President of Technology at Sedera Health – Jerry Bowerman brings a unique perspective to our conversation. Listen in to hear how Jerry’s management philosophy has morphed over his career and for an unguarded conversation about managing people across multi-national organizations with humility and empathy.

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