John Oberg


John Oberg


John Oberg is an advisor, speaker, founder, and investor focused on helping professionals build more meaningful relationships to achieve exceptional business results.


John Oberg is a co-founder and board director of Sedera Health, a fast-growing technology company based in Austin, Texas. For the past 12 years, John has been a mentor, advisor, consultant and coach to hundreds of organizations, including early-stage companies, those with 50+ billion in revenue, nonprofits and the U.S. military. Prior to his role as an advisor, he managed organizations ranging from startups to those with more than 1000 employees. John focuses on helping companies solve problems that impede management performance and revenue scalability. He takes a merit-based approach to improving performance and alignment, using objective measurement and a human touch.

John was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He currently lives with his family in Austin, where you’ll find him engaging in many outdoor activities. When traveling, he also enjoys scuba diving and golf, and has recently taken to hunting and fishing. He is a second-degree black belt in orthodox karate.

John holds an undergraduate degree in university studies, combining studies in biology with business, informing his scientific approach to solving problems. He earned an MBA, summa cum laude, with foci in strategic management of technology and policy and planning.

Better professional relationships lead to best in class results.

Over the past three decades, John has witnessed business interactions become more transactional and less connected. He’s now on a mission to reverse this trend to focus on what really powers high-performance organizations: authentic relationships.


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In today’s business world, relationships can fall by the wayside in favor of results — when the fact is, you need quality relationships to drive results. Through his energizing, eye-opening speeches, John guides business leaders to the all-important intersection of people and performance.