Intersecting People and Performance

John Oberg helps leaders and organizations create meaningful growth through better relationships.

Speaking. Training. Consulting. Coaching.

Organizational Development

Forming genuine relationships that power high performance takes mutual care, empathy and trust - and that takes time. John provides the tools organizations need to get results and move past shallow, transactional interactions and develop stronger, purpose-driven connections to create positive workplace environments, build loyalty and trust, and reach new levels of long-term success and achievement.

Leadership Development

Authentic relationships in business inspire trust, spark high performance and can often provide the leg up you need to move forward in your career. John helps entrepreneurs, CEO's executives and business owners unlock their leadership potential and reach the next level in their professional development. Clarity, execution and sustainability are at the core of leadership success.

Personal and Professional Development

Achieving goals and finding fulfillment in life starts by looking within and doing the necessary internal work to achieve external results. If you're feeling burned out or unfocused, or perhaps you're just hungry to operate at the top of your game, John's message will set you on the right path for success.


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