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Daily JO Roundtable: 4 fruits of the mastermind

One of the most challenging things we face in this time of history is not letting technology lull us into having almost exclusively virtual relationships. Creating true community is hard, whether it’s among business people, Church members, or even schoolmates. That is the greatest value I have found in being part of a mastermind group.

How did I get involved in this group? The founder of Daily JO invited me, and what attracted me was the thought of being in a room with other entrepreneurs who were trying to do big things too. What I found there far exceeded my expectations. In fact, now I’m running my own Daily JO roundtables because I have found so much value in it.

When I asked other members about why they joined, the answers were similar. One said that he wanted to hear different perspectives and learn new skill sets. The second said that he wanted to be at the table with other people who were interested in the management and running of a company instead of just sales. A third said that the greatest value is being with other businessmen who are able to discuss a wide range of issues facing themselves personally and their businesses. Another gentlemen said that the facilitator had been his executive coach and brought the bank he was with 10x growth, so he wanted to be in the roundtable with this guy.

I get four things out of Daily JO roundtables. The first thing is focus. Along with the journal that Daily JO gives all members, the monthly roundtable meeting ensures that each member stays focused on the goal. This will be different for each member, but the others are a huge motivation to stick to it. Absolute clarity is hard in the beginning, but the more I practice it the more I understand what I want and how to get there. This is really important, given my own tendency to jump at every opportunity that presents itself.

Secondly, the group holds each other accountable. This can be hard, but when you are sitting with other people who are driven and want to succeed, both personally and professionally, then positive peer pressure is the best way to get to the next level. The group almost always has an answer, or a person to speak to, when a problem or situation is addressed. With absolute confidentiality a requisite, we can go deep and take a good look at the incorrect beliefs we might have that are holding us back from achieving all we want to.

Third, Daily JO roundtables have given me more community. As mentioned above, virtual platforms are great, but now I have a way of actually connecting these people and helping to grow community both for myself and other participants. This goes beyond simply sharing a drink over a networking happy hour. This is deep, meaningful community that leads to business opportunities I never would have dreamed of before.

Lastly, education is a huge fruit of a roundtable group. I’ve learned so many things about business and management that I never would have otherwise. I’ve also been able to share things with the others like the difference between discernment and judgment, or aspects of international politics that affect business as well as leadership tips. Daily JO is not only informative, but it provides specific toolkits for things you and your business need: financial budgeting and planning tools, emergency preparedness checklists, strategic planning toolkits, leadership videos for middle-line managers, and the list goes on and on.

So, should you be part of a  mastermind? Ask yourself, do I want to go to the next level? Have I always wanted a LinkedIn that actually brought me those connections? Contact me and let me know if you’re interested in being part of a group. Daily JO now has entirely online roundtables too, so you can be a member from anywhere in the world! Let’s get connected and grow together.